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Bass Tone 66Hz - Root

Hight Tone 528Hz - Blood Stimulation

HiperGamma 462Hz


The musical-mathematical frequency of spiritual energy fundamental to space/time. 

528 unites every field, illuminating LOVE for the enlightenment of humankind. 

528, “the universal LOVE constant,” manifests miracles from LOVE, and makes LOVE miraculous. 528 is responsible for the constant flow of LOVE that heals and sustains people spiritually. 

The heart of this clear-channel of music, 528Hz on the universal dial, broadcasts you into existence every nano-instant. 

These revelations compel civilization to build a new foundation in celebration of LOVE that is sourcing, unifying, and guiding all creation. 

May this 528 “key of the house of David” facilitate civilization’s salvation through spiritual evolution. 

Some Evidence 528 is the “Universal LOVE Constant”

528Hertz Frequency is:

1) Linked to the heart of everything.

2) Playing at the heart of the original Solfeggio musical scale.

3) Fundamental to Pi, Phi, the Golden Mean, and all sacred geometry including circles, squares, arches and architecture.

4) The greenish-yellow vibration of your heart chakra.

5) Required for space/time measurements.

6) Crucial to the mile with 5280 feet.

7) Needed to determine the speed of light; constructive to E=mc2 since energy, mass, and light all depend on it.

8) Paramount to Water structuring in the form of a tetrahedron.

9) Key to the heart of God, reconciling the “Triune God”—Creator, Water and the Holy Spirit—as beneficient, life-giving, and constructive.

10) “Key of the house of David,” reflecting the shape of “Solomons Seal” and Water, active as an amulet generating positive or protective power. 11) Central to Genesis in the command, “Let there be light.”

12) Broadcast by the Sun and Jupiter.

13) Resonating the heart of rainbows and snowflakes.

14) Celebrated throughout the botanical world in the pigment chlorophyll─the reason the grass is green.

15) Structuring your hemoglobin and adding LOVE to prana, the “breath of life,” oxygen.

16) Linked to positive heart-felt emotions: LOVE, faith, joy, and bravery—“e- motions” that are fundamentally vibrating electrons resonating 528.

17) Is the MIracle note of the universe, and much more. . . .

You will:

Open heart chakra and feel the feeling of bliss.

Listen to it for 1 hour every day (preferably first thing in the morning to experience a beautiful day) and see results immediately :)

Listen to it as long as your body allows. Start for 10 minutes and feel yourself. If for some reason you experience nausea due to heavy detox, stop it for the day and start again the next day. Keep on going, trust the process.

I recommend to listen to it minimum 1 hour a day once your body has got used to the new vibration. I listen to it some times for 3 hours or more in the morning while I meditate or do work/exercise.

Headphones are not necessary, but it might improve the experience.

Vibrate High, Enjoy Wellness and Good Health.

Much Love ❤️❤️❤️

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